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About Us

Click2Sell® understands that sales are critical to any business. In today’s fast paced environment it is more crucial than ever to connect with prospects and set qualified meetings.

With over 1000 meetings set and more than two million dollars in sales closed for the Valpak franchise network, Click2Sell® has a proven track record of helping Valpak associates effectively prospect.

Click2Sell® understands that a Valpak rep’s time is best spent in front of the client or prospective client. Our software was designed for the sales professional. All a rep needs to do to be successful is consistently add contacts and respond to messages quickly. Click2Sell® schedules all follow up tasks, makes it easy to keep in touch with contacts that are not interested now but might be interested later and continues to drive all contacts to a conversation or meeting.

Our onboarding process is simple, approve already written content, load contacts and attend welcome and advanced training sessions.