How does this benefit me if I am a sales manager or business owner?

For sales teams with more than one rep, Click2Sell comes with a complimentary Management Dashboard. Managers can see all activity, manage users, assign contact credits, and create a customized pipeline for the team. Managers also receive detailed manager reports that include activity, sales forecasts and wins.

Managers and business owners find the visibility and control into what reps are saying and how they are handling sales objections invaluable. Managers love that they finally have detailed prospecting activity just a few clicks away. Many of our sales manager’s get very creative and work with Click2Sell to drive activity through sales contests by awarding reps who add the most contacts, meetings or cycles.

And the best part-all activity is now protected. If a rep leaves, just insert a new email address and preserve all of those follow ups, keep in touches and active pipeline.