What is Click2Sell?

Click2Sell is a web-based application created for B2B Sales professionals by B2B Sales Professionals. Our proprietary reply actions and email send algorithms have helped sales professionals drive sales in virtually every industry and we would love to show you how.

How are you different than CRM?

Generally CRMs are a place to keep track of activities. It is typically very labor intensive and heavily dependant on tasks and reminders of actions you will need to follow up on later. CRMs are also often complex and focused on CUSTOMER management and not prospecting. They are designed to be integrated with back office system such as ticketing, email marketing and provisioning systems. Click2Sell is focused on PROSPECTING AND SALES. Everything is fully automated so you will never worry about having to react to tasks or reminders that can easily be forgotten. You simply set the correct reply action (there are only five) and Click2Sell does the rest. It works for you, you do not work for it.

How are you different than email marketing?

Email Marketing is typically focused on brand awareness and product or service education. Email Marketing campaigns often have fancy content and graphics and are driven around a call to action, an event or a series of drip emails. Click2Sell is all about the relationship. Our emails are very simple and are designed to look like the sales professional sent the email directly from their email client.

Everyone remembers their prom. We often use this example to describe the difference between Click2Sell and email marketing. Email marketing is responsible for describing the prom and getting everyone excited for it. This will include the date and time, the band, describing the location, transportation and other details of the event. Click2Sell is asking your prom date to go to the prom with you.

What makes Click2Sell Unique?

There are many things that make us unique. The three most significant core competencies:

1. Our reply actions make it easy to automate communication between salespeople and their future customers. Our cycle button nurtures all of those “no’s” and “not now’s” to make sure they have a good chance of becoming a “yes” in the future.

2. Click2Sell has sent millions of prospecting emails and has figured out what words trigger a favorable reply and which ones trigger a negative reply. Our content wizard helps our clients design the perfect emails that are proven to get responses.

3. Our proven algorithm has been perfected over the years to make sure we are emailing contacts at the right time. Our clients never have to worry about what to say or when to say it. We factor in logic around time of day, day of week, holidays, major events and timing in-between emails.

Can’t I just do this myself?

How much is your time worth to you? $50 an hour? $100 an hour? Whatever it is, time is much better spent on closing the meetings Click2Sell finds with minimal effort than devoting time to trying to duplicate our automation and managing hundreds of tasks a month. So the answer is yes you probably could, but is it really worth it?

How do you handle Spam?

Click2Sell is constantly watching the ever changing Spam triggers. Our emails are designed to look like personal emails and our content experts help make sure spam triggers are not in content. Any links that our customers use are verified and we use trusted mail servers to ensure mail has the best chance to make it to your prospect’s inbox.

How do I get contacts to put in Click2Sell?

Contacts are the single most important factor to your success. The more contacts you put in the busier you will be. You can add a single contact on the fly, upload a spreadsheet, share contacts with another subscriber or ask our contact specialists for advice on finding the ideal prospects for your business. The key is to consistently add contacts all of the time. How quickly can you get to 2500 or more? Our third party validation ensures that the data you are putting in is accurate and safe.

Do you sell the contacts I put in?

Absolutely not! The contacts that you upload are only utilized in your account(s).

This seems Impersonal. I like to personalize my communication with prospects.

I apologize if you have gotten the impression that Click2Sell is not completely customizable, it absolutely is! Our content writers are here to help. We can help you write fresh new content, use some of your existing great content or incorporate both. We just recommend that you let us help or follow our rules carefully as Click2Sell content is the “special sauce”.

What results can I expect?

There are many factors that go into what kind of results a Click2Sell customer can expect. Things like length of sales cycle, company name recognition and reputation, warmth of contacts being used, quality of contacts being added, type of business and service being represented, content, etc. all directly affect Click2Sell’s statistics. Most of our clients experience very high reply percentages. Typically, 20-45% of the contacts you enter into Click2Sell will eventually respond. We have seen up to an 80% response rate over the life of campaigns. Of the contacts who respond the largest percentage with fall into our Cycle and Follow Up reply actions (opportunity for future sales dialog). A smaller percentage will fall into Remove and Inactive and the final percentage will be active Meetings or sales dialog. Roughly a customer can expect 40-70% of their replies to be Cycle and Follow Up. 10-30% to be Inactive/Remove and 10-30% to be Meetings or active sales dialog.

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