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Express offices are using Click2Sell and Click2Recruit to keep sales planners on track, re-engage with inactive associates and send meaningful one-time MPC communication.

About Click2Sell

Click2Sell is a “complete staffing solution” that helps Express offices stay in front of prospects, missing clients and associates by emailing the right content at the right time. Fully automated with no tasks. Our starter package is $149mo. month-to-month with no contract or commitment. Offices can easily tag data making MPC communication simple and effective. We are proud to be working with more than 150 Express offices and have set over 8000 meetings resulting in significant job orders and sales. Additionally, Click2Sell has helped find and place associates in those job orders. We would love to show you how Click2Sell can introduce you to your next customer and associate!

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Click2Sell Testimonials

What Express Click2Sell Users are saying:

  • “The value of bringing in thousands of dollars vs. the cost of this program is easy to decide. My 2nd day on the job I was managing our Click2Sell inbox and learning products at the same time. I built rapport with existing customers immediately and learned quickly how to manage projects.”
    Outside Sales
  • “We are reaching beyond selling signs and selling valuable solutions. Click2Sell is an awesome addition to our tool belt.”
    Angela Lascheid, Outside Sales
  • “We love it! We’re getting so many responses we had to space out the emails further, and we haven’t even used the new contacts from Click2Sell. I have more time to cold call my prospect list because Click2Sell is contacting my dormant accounts. Customers who had unsubscribed to FastMail are now hearing from us again and responding. Today, we got a $3,636 indoor signage order from a meeting with a prospect we put in Click2Sell!”Amanda Dunn, Inside Sales

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