For years our clients have asked us for a cost effective way to reach businesses around their location(s). Our answer in the past was to literally cold call, either face to face or via phone. Direct2You is excited to offer a new B2B email program to replace the archaic, time consuming cold calling process. A program that is proven sucessful in connecting businesses with other businesses and staying in front of them so they think of you when they have a need.

About Direct2You Email Marketing

How It Works

The program is designed to send a series of emails to the businesses around your location(s) to let them know you have a product or service to offer their employees. For example, you want to be their catering partner and want to create a relationship by delivering a platter of sandwiches.

Emails will be consistently sent to selected business email addresses until the appropriate person responds to you. The content of the emails is created for you. The emails are professional and poignant. Most of all, they are effective in getting a positive response. Also, because this program is on autopilot, it offers continuous communication flowing to the businesses you are targeting.

Typical Responses You Will Receive

  • “Sure we’d love to receive XX from your business.”
  • “We’d love that, can you bring one by next month?”
  • “Not now check back later.”
  • “We have our annual meeting July 3rd, can you bring one by then?”

All of these responses have an actionable reply you can select and the service will take it from there. For example, you will reach out again in a month, in 3 months or on a specific date.

We have found this email strategy to be a game changer in the way our clients reach businesses around their location(s). Let Direct2You help you create, launch and maintain a successful B2B communication program!

Typical Responses Email Marketing

program Includes

  • 6 months of service
  • Relationship-oriented emails automatically send in intervals proven to get positive replies
  • Professionally written content
  • 1000 business email addresses that meet your criteria of an ideal contact
    • You can add/upload your own email addresses as well
    • You can purchase additional contacts anytime
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Ability to run multiple campaigns
  • An easy way to keep in touch after the initial connection